Office Ergonomics: How about Plants?

Living-Room-Office-with-Many-Indoor-PlantsAs an employee in a telecommunications firm for seven or so years, I came across asking myself, what can I do to make my work desk more pleasant and less boring? I would prefer to be in the corner, far from the people around me or even dislike the idea of being shoved around because they want to pass through.

A company planner is in a constant search to make its working environment from ceiling, to walls, lighting fixtures, carpeting and even the tiles in the toilet area to be very pleasant and far from accident-prone, among others things. A white wall in a corridor or foyer can be very boring compared to that of a wall in the lavatory or toilet with bold or strong colors. It expresses deep emotions and at some point might help others coping with certain levels of stress.

Chairs and desks or even computer keyboards were created in a way that this will cause less stress to the user and will increase work productivity and lower down costs. Back in the previous company that I worked with, they tend to put around fake plants which for me is so superficial and of course provides a fake feeling of relief.

However, the lift lobby, there is this humongous Dumb Cane plant or scientifically known as Dieffenbachia – the kind of tropical plant grown mostly in houses as houseplants. Although this type of plant is known to be poisonous, they can be found in most houses across the United States. Lately, it was known to be poisonous due to social media circulation. Although the plant might pose risk, most of the buildings around the world have these plants inside the premise like the one I saw in the lift lobby in each floors.

The white walls and bland colored cubicles could be put back to life simply by putting on a tiny potted plant in your desk or even in the corner. Choosing the right indoor plant could increase the feeling of wellbeing and productivity in your office. This will also reduce ambient noise – the kind of noise you get from too much lighting as a green plant absorbs the other spectrums from light not visible by the human eye.

If you are into cost cutting, why would you spend more money on vacuum cleaners to suck the dust off from the carpet or even on the cushioned part of the cubicle when you can let the plants do their job? Plants filter air and improve its quality as plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert this waste gas into oxygen. We also heard of a dehumidifier, a machine the takes out high levels of humidity in the air inside an enclosed space. Plants can maintain the balance of humidity in the air especially in the summer and winter season when air is too dry or too damp. If you are trying to cut cost on these types of machine, not to mention the poor air circulation, plants can certainly take care of that.

A visit in a local horticulturist can certainly help you choose what type of plant works best in your office and also the number of people who can maintain these plants. If your office is composed of desks rather than cubicles and with an ample amount of light, you may settle on plants that are always green and needs less watering such as cactuses or aloe. There are so many options to make your office a livable space for your employees. You don’t just settle for superficial things that makes your office a desirable place to work but strive for a place full of life, balance and harmony.

For more information about bringing plants into your office talk to Deedman Plants.

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