Features To Look For In A Business Travel Hotel

imagesAll hotels are designed for short-term stays but some are geared mainly towards business travellers who have specific needs.

What sets these travelers apart from the usual tourists? For one, pleasure is secondary and business comes first. This means there’s little time to enjoy the sights and sounds of a city. Most business travelers spend just a couple of days of their time per business trip which means everything is rushed.

One would assume that such a lifestyle would require no luxuries and only the most basic of amenities. So it’s surprising to know that business travellers are used to luxury and most frequent travelers demand the same. They may stay at a hotel for only a few days but there’s no scrimping on the fleeting pleasures of life.

A business travel hotel is designed for business travelers and it was once only open to such visitors. The lines have blurred, however, so that even families and students can opt to stay in such establishments as long as they can afford to. This has led to the inclusion of added amenities to cater to more types of travelers.

Most hotels offer facilities like WiFi, larger rooms and amenities like laundry. However, business travel hotels add elements of luxury such as big, comfy beds, larger balconies, an incredible sense of style and design, provisions, such as Essex marquees from Capitall Marquees, for conducting meetings and entertaining guests and spa facilities. Though some of these features aren’t really sought after by regular travelers, they make up the increasing number of accommodation choices.

A 2011 study of business travelers yielded answers to what they look for in a business travel hotel. Not surprisingly, location took top position followed by a rewards program, frequent guest points and WiFi. Among ordinary travelers, a 2013 survey found that there’s a rising demand for complimentary amenities, free in-room WiFi and also unsurprisingly, free parking. In keeping with this demand, hotels have changed the way they serve travelers to sustain demand. Yet another study has shown that travelers today travel frequently but for shorter periods which means accommodations may need to rethink what they offer all-year round such as guaranteed parking and as mentioned, frequent guest points.

While luxury accommodation is preferred by many, there are some who favour inexpensive travel as it’s an easy way to save money. The hotels or motels chosen are more than decent and the amenities and facilities are wholly satisfactory. Most are located within easy distance of main roads and important access points too. However there are those that choose to maintain a level of quality with their travel and so hire luxury chauffeur services from Alpha Elite.

Business travelers who stay for extended periods benefit most from affordable accommodation like good motels or apartments where the cost of long-term stay is reasonable. Having large rooms and complete privacy as is the case with apartments also creates a feeling of being at home which is just as well.

Whether you choose to stay in a motel, apartment or luxury hotel, amenities and facilities must be what you need. For instance, luxury hotels have everything most travelers need but there may be specific features you’re looking for. Maybe you need it to be located in a certain location or maybe you need it to have an additional bedroom in which case you may want to look at boutique hotels which are still a niche market but are very personalized.

The Importance of Hiring Office Cleaning Services

untidyofficeA clean and well maintained working environment plays a big role in maintaining the efficiency of an office. It keeps the environment healthy and maintains productivity and motivation of the employees. Speaking of employees, we ensure all of ours have undergone online disclosure agreements with Clear Check. It’s affordable and could save you a lot of headaches. Back to the cleaning, some people consider it as waste of finance. They think that an organisation can stay clean and can work efficiently without outsourcing cleaning services. However, these people are totally wrong. They don’t understand the actual importance of efficient cleaning service. So, here are some essential reasons which explain why you should hire office cleaning service to keep your office clean and healthy-:

  • A Healthy Office Environment – The first reason which explains the importance of office cleaning service is maintaining a healthy environment. Generally, bunch of papers and files can create an unhygienic environment in an organisation. It can give a very bad impact on the health of the employees. Thus, to maintain their health and avoid their absenteeism, it’s very essential for organisation to hire appropriate office cleaning service.
  • Better Environment Enhances Focus – The next reason which explains the importance of office cleaning service is enhancing concentration of the employees. Employees lose their focus very easily. They need proper surroundings and facilities to maintain their concentration. Thus, if an organization is not efficiently cleaned, its employees cannot give their 100% effort.
  • Business Reputation Is Increased – The next reason which makes office cleaning important is enhanced business reputation. No client would ever like a messed up office. Improperly arranged files and lack of organisation will create a false image on his mind. But, after hiring proper cleaning service, most of the clients will develop a positive attitude towards the organisation. They will contribute a lot in enhancing reputation of your business.
  • Motivation Of The Employees – Motivation gives a direct impact on productivity. It is one of the main concerns for an organisation. If all the employees of an organisation are not efficiently motivated then its productivity would surely decrease. Thus, to maintain the productivity and motivation of employees, it’s very important to provide them with good, clean and healthy working conditions.
  • Our workplaces of work are essential spaces in our lives and can majorly affect our feelings and prosperity. An unclean office is not going to do much to move your workforce or to awe your clients.Keeping your office premises perfect and clean is something you ought to do as well as really something that you as a business are required to do as such by law.
  • This incorporates guaranteeing that representatives are working in the right temperatures, have enough lighting and ventilation and that they are working in a spotless and clean environment. Keeping in mind the end goal to meet these regulations you ought to put a cleaning routine set up that guarantees that the building and all hardware inside of it are kept clean and effectively kept up with all floor spaces and activity courses stayed away from any deterrents. Visit http://www.ics-onlinecleaning.co.uk/ to find out more.It is additionally vital that you have all the right security and cautioning signs for times when representatives are still in the building and the principle access courses have been cleaned and are hence a slip risk. All shower and wash room offices ought to be in promptly accessible or effectively available areas and kept clean with suitable sterile comforts gave.So, these were some reasons which explain why you should hire office cleaning services. The office cleaning service is prerequisite for a business since it can maintain a healthy environment. They have the correct tools for the job and the tools they use have been serviced by the correct servicing team. For example, if they frequently use an air compressor, they go to reputable air compressor servicing business to ensure it’s still safe to use. It enhances its productivity and maintains its reputation on long term basis. As an office owner, you should definitely prefer this service for maintaining the efficiency and performance of your organisation.

Optimise Your Energy Use With Smart Meters

british-gas-smart-meter-in-home-display-382076-1The world is fast becoming more and more technologised every day. Nowadays, people are more vigilant than ever about making the most out of technological innovations. From using gadgets to electrical appliances, people want to use everything in a smart way. Like other technological innovations out there, the use of smart meters is also becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Before you start going installing energy saving tech, we always recommend that you test your current systems to ensure they are performing as they should. Maybe a phase angle voltmeter from Powertek could be what you need? If not, be sure to check out Powertek for a wide catalogue.

As a matter of fact, in most developed countries of the world, conventional electric meters are fast being replaced by smart meters. This is because smart meters enable people to have greater control over their energy consumption. Also, it allows them to monitor their energy usage more closely and accurately. With the installation of a smart meter, customers can get detailed information about their energy usage throughout the day and in this way, they can manage their usage proactively.

Smart meters have become the preferred choice both for household as well as industrial use throughout the United Kingdom as well as internationally. Considering the efficiency of smart meters, the UK government has initiated a program to install a smart meter in every home. Following are some of the reasons why smart meters have become exceedingly popular and why you should buy smart meters.

Advantages of using smart meters

The benefit of using a smart meter instead of a conventional one is that smart meters detect outages and restoration of services faster than a conventional meter. Therefore, when there is an outage, there is less disruption.

As mentioned before, users can have greater control over their electricity usage with a smart meter. Smart meters provide time-based rates, thus allowing them to manage and optimize their electricity usage and cut down on their bill. Thus, if anyone is worried about their electricity consumption because of the surplus bill and are unable to assess their energy usage in an accurate manner, smart meters allows them to monitor their usage accurately.

Smart meters are also more reliable than traditional meters as they send the information regarding your energy use regularly.

Furthermore, using a smart meter allows the customer to increase their privacy. The information related to electricity usage can be directly sent for the purpose of generating a bill instead of someone coming to check the meter physically.


Office Ergonomics: How about Plants?

Living-Room-Office-with-Many-Indoor-PlantsAs an employee in a telecommunications firm for seven or so years, I came across asking myself, what can I do to make my work desk more pleasant and less boring? I would prefer to be in the corner, far from the people around me or even dislike the idea of being shoved around because they want to pass through.

A company planner is in a constant search to make its working environment from ceiling, to walls, lighting fixtures, carpeting and even the tiles in the toilet area to be very pleasant and far from accident-prone, among others things. A white wall in a corridor or foyer can be very boring compared to that of a wall in the lavatory or toilet with bold or strong colors. It expresses deep emotions and at some point might help others coping with certain levels of stress.

Chairs and desks or even computer keyboards were created in a way that this will cause less stress to the user and will increase work productivity and lower down costs. Back in the previous company that I worked with, they tend to put around fake plants which for me is so superficial and of course provides a fake feeling of relief.

However, the lift lobby, there is this humongous Dumb Cane plant or scientifically known as Dieffenbachia – the kind of tropical plant grown mostly in houses as houseplants. Although this type of plant is known to be poisonous, they can be found in most houses across the United States. Lately, it was known to be poisonous due to social media circulation. Although the plant might pose risk, most of the buildings around the world have these plants inside the premise like the one I saw in the lift lobby in each floors.

The white walls and bland colored cubicles could be put back to life simply by putting on a tiny potted plant in your desk or even in the corner. Choosing the right indoor plant could increase the feeling of wellbeing and productivity in your office. This will also reduce ambient noise – the kind of noise you get from too much lighting as a green plant absorbs the other spectrums from light not visible by the human eye.

If you are into cost cutting, why would you spend more money on vacuum cleaners to suck the dust off from the carpet or even on the cushioned part of the cubicle when you can let the plants do their job? Plants filter air and improve its quality as plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert this waste gas into oxygen. We also heard of a dehumidifier, a machine the takes out high levels of humidity in the air inside an enclosed space. Plants can maintain the balance of humidity in the air especially in the summer and winter season when air is too dry or too damp. If you are trying to cut cost on these types of machine, not to mention the poor air circulation, plants can certainly take care of that.

A visit in a local horticulturist can certainly help you choose what type of plant works best in your office and also the number of people who can maintain these plants. If your office is composed of desks rather than cubicles and with an ample amount of light, you may settle on plants that are always green and needs less watering such as cactuses or aloe. There are so many options to make your office a livable space for your employees. You don’t just settle for superficial things that makes your office a desirable place to work but strive for a place full of life, balance and harmony.

For more information about bringing plants into your office talk to Deedman Plants.

Why You Should Switch Over To A Human Resource Management System

As a businessman you should always be looking for ways to simplify and optimise your work and there is a simple reason for that, money. Through investing in other services like a human resource management system or similar systems such as warehouse systems from peoplevox it saves you time to be focusing on more important business matters. But what is a human resource management system? A human resource management system is a software application that combines human resource functions like payroll, recruiting and training and performance analysis all into one process. There are so many benefits to imputing HR software from a payroll solutions company into your business and here are a few of them:


In a business HR can often mean an entire department working on numerous different processes. HR is probably one of the most important aspects of a business but having an entire department devoted to a job that simple piece of software can do is simply ridiculous. A task that could take a entire group of people hours to do could take a computer minutes which will save you and your business a lot of time.saving-time


Although there will initially be a cost for these services you can actually save a lot of money. Through hiring companies like payroll solutions rather than hiring an entire department of staff you can save money. Especially when there are always great deals on HR software.6355840185_8e1c4d8f11_b


Though people work hard it is impossible to ensure 100% accuracy, human error is inevitable. With HR software your odds of accuracy are dramatically improved. It is much more efficient. Similarly it is a lot easier to amend any faults that are made with the software than a fault made by a member of staff.Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.11.39


With staff you also have to consider issues like availability. Staff are entitled to holiday pay, sick pay and other benefits that come along with working. Therefore there is a lot more consideration that has to be put in, than with a computer.high-availability-vmware-700x325

When To Hire A Company For T-Shirt Personalisation


Customizing t-shirts and other clothes does not have to be done by a company or store. Some people would prefer to personalize the t-shirts themselves. This allows them flexibility to change or modify the designs as they see fit or simply turn their creative design into a reality. However, doing t-shirt personalization yourself is not applicable to all situations. There are instances which a company is needed for t-shirt personalization.

Here are some criteria on when to hire a company for t-shirt personalization.

  1. Complex Design – It is very hard to replicate a complex design into a t-shirt. For complex designs, it is much more efficient to hire a company to do the job. However, always try to ask the company or store first if they can do your design with ease.
  2. Equipment – If you don’t have a printing machine or an embroidery machine, it will save a lot to hire a company for t-shirt personalization than purchasing brand new equipment especially if you’re only going to use it once.
  3. Purpose – If you want a customized t-shirt for yourself then it is okay to do it. However, for personalized t-shirts which will be used as company uniforms or team jerseys, it is way better to leave it to the professionals.
  4. Quality – Though some individuals can make quality customized t-shirts, companies offering this service will mostly provide top quality personalized t-shirts consistently to their clients since it is their trade and not a hobby. You want to be careful however, as some business may also have dips in quality if they produce other custom work too. So for example, as well as t-shirts, they might also make custom mugs, personalised hats, and they may even do Banner printing here. This increased work load and variation in products could lead to a drop in quality assurance on product lines. Dedicated t-shirt companies are normally a safer bet.
  5. Quantity – When you need at least several dozens of customized t-shirts, leaving it to a company would be a much better choice. The companies have the equipment and manpower to produce personalized t-shirts regardless of the numbers needed.
  6. Skills – If you are confident with your t-shirt personalization skills then it is great to customize your t-shirts. Otherwise, hire a company to do it for you if you don’t have the necessary skills like creative designing, t-shirt printing or t-shirt embroidery. The employees working for the company are trained and have the sufficient skills to personalize almost all kinds of t-shirts and designs.
  7. Speed – Since it is their trade, companies offering t-shirt personalization have polished their techniques and use the latest equipment to provide personalization services way faster than regular individuals. The difference is more visible when it comes to producing bulk orders of customized t-shirts.

Now you know when to hire a company, such as My Personalised Clothing for t-shirt personalization.


Advantages Of Using IT Support Services

Information Technology (IT) is one of the advanced tools utilized in any business industry. Companies would hire both internal and third party IT support to manage cutting edge tools and software in order to make the company’s operations efficient. Internal IT support consists of company employees trained to handle and maintain tools for business operations. On the other hand, third party IT support are outsourcing companies offering IT support services to companies in need of such. Though internal IT support is an integral part of the company, hiring the services of third party IT support has many benefits for the company. it-support-services-650Here are several advantages of using IT support services.

  1. Focus Resources On Core Business Functions – By transferring the major responsibilities to an external IT support, the company can allocate most of its resources to the core business operation such as production, sales and distribution.
  2. Reduce Operating Cost – Training for an IT support employee takes time and resources. Meanwhile, outsourcing company has already trained its employees on different IT support services and can provide the support to any client as soon as they hire their services.
  3. Access To Experts Specialized In IT Support – Unlike allocating and training employees for IT support, external IT support companies are comprised of personnel who undergo intensive training on information technology including comprehensive training on the different tools used for business operation.
  4. Improve Productivity – With more personnel focusing on the main business operation, productivity is improved. All resources and efforts are concentrated to increase efficiency in the business production.
  5. Reduce Downtime – Business tools are not perfect. These tools require regular maintenance along with quick assistance and repair in case of downtime. With IT support services focusing on the business tools, it is easy to detect malfunctions and can provide proper assistance to make the tools operational as fast as possible.
  6. Utilized Advanced Technology – The tools used for business operation become obsolete and newer and much advanced tools and technology become available in the market. IT support services can track the latest and advanced technology available. They will monitor and test these tools to see if they are completely operational and can be used by the company. This gives the company an edge over competitors when it comes to taking advantage of advanced technology.

IT support services continues to provide quality support for companies to successfully run their business operations. If you haven’t got an IT support Romford agency yet in your company, it is better to consider acquiring the services of an IT company to take your business to the next level.

Different uses of foil printing

Literally no one has a clue what hot foil printing is. Although the clue is in the name it pretty much sounds like the most boring thing on earth. If you’d come to that assumption then you my friend are wrong. The fact is we are surrounded by hot foil printing every day. Hot foil printing is in which a metallic material is applied to a die and stamped or printed onto a surface. Not only is the process completely simple but it produces elegant and wonderful results.

Although invitations are becoming extremely out-dated some people still go for the more traditional option, especially when it comes to important events like a corporate event in which the aim is to impress possible clients. 0b893e60e0c100fb381997d311b1aaf5

One thing hot foil printing can be used for is for personalised gifts. You can have the name of the giftee printed onto products like photo albums, journals etc. The fact it’s personalised will strike a chord and trumps other gifts.original_personalised-gold-foil-favourites-art-print


The elegant touch that hot foil printing adds can be seen in everyday marketing. Most products’ labels feature hot foil printing and is often associated with the more gourmet products that are widely bought.tesco+finest+dairy+range


In the novel industry hot foil printing is pretty much what covers are made of, literally. Books have been foil printed for decades be it the title or auxiliary texts the matter is the basis of what we generate the image of books on is foil printing.Luna_novel_hardback_cover



Business cards are extremely important when it comes to making a business connection and generating new clients. So it’s no surprise that hot foil printing is widely used in the design of business cards. The professional finish represents your professional service.1405101602black-duplex-business-cards2_4240



Common Locksmith Services People Need

Whether it is a house, car or anything that includes a lock and security system, people request for the services of locksmiths. Locksmiths have always been a vital part in the community. Their services goes beyond fixing locks, they give people a peace of mind knowing that they are safe and have preventive measures for possible break in or burglary. Locksmiths will receive calls asking for their services every day. Which is why a locksmith like Romford Locks is a must have.

Pix: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com...COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>>..22nd December 2011…………….SF Locksmiths, Doncaster..Stephen Fretwell.

And here are the common locksmith services people need in any community.

  1. Consultation Services – You’ll be surprise about the number of requests locksmiths receive asking them to check the houses and evaluate the security level. After evaluation, people will ask for recommendations regarding how to improve their security system. They would also ask about other things regarding locks, safes and security cameras.
  2. Security Services – Locksmiths also receive a lot of requests for security system installation including CCTV cameras, alarm system and lock upgrades. Aside from security system installation, people would also request to upgrade their security systems whenever new systems are available. Wealthy people would often request for an upgrade regularly. Most of them have contracts with security companies aside from local locksmiths.
  3. Key Duplication – Key duplication requests are among the most common requests locksmiths receive anytime. People are now acknowledging the fact that having spare keys is much better to avoid any circumstances due to lost or misplaced keys. Locksmiths can duplicate almost any kind of keys. They can duplicate house keys and car keys. Others can duplicate keys for locks used on chests, drawers and other things. There are also car locksmiths which can duplicate most electronic lock keys.
  4. Lock Installation – Though some would prefer to install the locks themselves, there are locks which are challenging to install. People would prefer to hire a local locksmith to have the lock installed to prevent damaging their property and avoid wasting their energy trying to sort everything. Professional locksmiths are experienced in installing all kinds of locks even the latest ones. Hiring the services of a licensed locksmith can save a lot of time which you can spend for your job, chores or spend time with your love ones.
  5. Car Locksmith Services – People will also ask locksmiths to help them with their car locks. Some will lose or misplaced their car keys while others left their keys inside the car. Locksmiths can help them open the cars and made new car keys for them. They can even help install car alarm systems.

If you need help in any of the services above, you can contact any local locksmith and they can definitely do the work.

Photobooth Packages For Your Needs

Photobooth Packages For Your Needs

Everyone wants to make sure that any event that they get involved in becomes nothing less than memorable. Having said that, OMG Entertainments is here to offer photobooth packages to make sure your event stands out from the rest. So just look at photo booth hire for London.

Worried about having the same photobooth package with your neighbor or friend? No need because OMG Entertainments packages are fully customizable! Meaning you get to decide on the booth design style, curtain backdrop color and print layout all for free. Aside from that, you can also add 1 hour to their 3 hour package if you wanted to do something totally different.

Though they only offer corporate and party package, as well as wedding package since that what they usually do, if you want to have a photobooth on other occasion, you may enquire for the best deal that will suit you.

Corporate And Party Package

Now, your next corporate event doesn’t have to be all about figures and business all day, even your most uptight colleague can loosen up in the photobooth, who knows he might even do wacky faces. The same goes for your parties, the dance floor and booze wouldn’t have to be the star of the night. Those drunken shots will seriously give laughter induced stomachache for the years to come.

Wedding Package

For the soon-to-be-married-couple, you can now rest assured that your wedding will have a little spunk that the usual ones. Aside from that you can be certain that you’ll have photos of everyone because no shy guest will have to be left out in your wedding pictures, they will voluntarily clamor in those phtobooths just because it’s more fun and comfortable.

Both of these packages almost have the same features which you can check out at http://www.omg-entertainments.co.uk/category/packages, however, the wedding package includes a leather bound guestbook while the corporate and party package doesn’t.