Top 5 funny Christmas stocking fillers

Stockings are the best option to add some more humor to your Christmas. If you’re looking to give something very different gift to your friend, then you can think about few novelties funny items, which are the perfect for stocking filler fun. If you’ve given some profound and meaningful gifts to your friend n any particular occasion then why not gift him with a little crazy with ideas? Here are some funny fillers gift ideas, which will make them all giggling in this Christmas morning.

5# Inflatable Sumo Suits

This inflatable sumo outfit is the excellent choice for any fancy dress party and undoubtedly causes a stir when you enter any room. It has battery operated inflation, so you don’t have to waste your single ounce of energy to blow it up or have to worry about if it was deflating halfway within a night and you don’t have to call anyone to blow it back up for you.

This sumo wrestler outfit comes in one size, so this fits all, and everyone can have a laugh by pretending themselves to feel like a real-life sumo when stomp. You can have a sumo-hair hat and a built-in nappy to totally get an authentic look. This sumo costume is much more comfortable, and it is so much better than a traditional fat style sumo suit for being it inflatable as you’re fully surrounded by air and not full of padding. It’s the best choice for being lightweight, hilarious looks and is fitted for any fun occasion.

4# Funny Face Towel

This can be a brilliant gift for any friend who’s the very much clean freak. If anyone is rude, then this towel is bound to make him around laugh. Gift a Face Funny Towel to your friend and make him or her giggle when they use this. This is definitely a highly original gift idea, which can also be a girl’s best friend at shower time. More so, this fancy towel can also be used as emergency flannel when you need to dry off immediately.

3# Man Bowl

Looking for funny Christmas stocking fillers? At first, you will get confused whether this a dog bowls or a man’s bowl. It’s hard to say yes, but this bowl is completely microwaved safe and dishwasher. But if you’re feeling really down, then you can put the bowl down on the floor and allow your pet to scramble it with him.

2# Dust Cleaning Mop Slippers

Dust Cleaning Mop Slippers are a perfect gift for those housekeepers who are really very lazy. People who are habituated to get down on their hands and knees to scrub their floor with a big bucket, this essential but fully gift will add a smile on their face. Stop using the old-fashioned way of cleaning house.

1# Donut Mug

The Donut Mug exactly looks like its name – a funny mug in the shape of a delicious and mouth-watering doughnut. It is made of ceramic, and this doughnut-shaped mug has been prepared with proper perfection, complete with virtual chocolate frosting and sugar sprinkles with ‘MMMMM DONUTS’ printed on it. You can add this to your Christmas stocking fillers.