Top 8 Christmas Presents for Your Son

Are you really struggling to find a couple of the best Christmas presents for your son? If you really try, you would find an assortment of Christmas gifts and gifting ideas for your son that will really make him smile this season. Check out the top Christmas presents for him this season.

Is your son a fitness freak or does he love sports? Is he an intense bookworm who is always indulged in reading or is he one of the most passionate movie lovers? Whether your son is a sports freak, an electronic gadget lover, or something else, there is always an assortment of Christmas presents and ideas that you can try out in the online stores as well as in gift shops.

Mechanical project kits

 Boys are always obsessed with electronic and mechanical gadgets. They love to experiment with different kinds of gadgets and also mechanical equipments. If your son is an obsessed electronic freak, then you can try out various kinds of electronic mechanical kits like hammers, ranges, screwdrivers that can help him while working. A mechanical kit also has a number of accessories, and tools and a bag that can carry all the tools at once. This kit can also be used for any other mechanical or electrical work at home.

Leather watches and leather wallets

Leather watches and wallets have always remained a lifetime obsession for men. There are various brands of watches and wallets. Check out wallets that have a number of pouches for keeping your money, credit and debit cards, your driving license and your precious things. You can also check out waterproof watches for your son.

A ticket to his favorite soccer game

Most of the guys love watching live soccer matches. Why don’t you surprise your son this time by buying him a couple of tickets so that he and his friends can go and visit the soccer match which is being held in your favorite sports ground this season? Believe it or not- he would simply love watching the match with his friends and he would feel proud as well.

The Microsoft X Box One

The Microsoft X Box One is a grand gift for your son if he is obsessed with video games like Assassins Creed. This is on the higher side and can be a bit expensive though. Apart from the game he loves, he would have access to all other different kinds of games. This is an ideal gift for your child that would help him feel like a child once again.

Chocolates and sweet hampers

Does your son have a sweet tooth? Then present him a gift box with an assortment of various dark Belgian chocolates that he would simply love to have. There are various kinds of different chocolates that he would love to purchase online.


Choose from some great looking funky and modern clothes for your son that he can wear to college parties, on a dream date as well. A white collared shirt with a navy blue jean is an awesome combination that you can try out this Christmas.


If your son is a small eight year old then he can be gifted with action figures, story books and chocolates to keep him happy.

Music Lessons

If your child is loves his music and is always playing the air piano when his favourite song is on, suprise them with the chance to play the piano with 10 piano lessons in london.